Sunday, July 20, 2008

Blue Jay Festival

Saturday must have been "Blue Jays Learn To Fly Day". We had Abby and Katelyn spend the night with us on Friday and Saturday morning they found a baby Blue Jay that had fallen out of it's nest, almost ready to fly. They wanted to take care of it and had it in the aquarium that sits outside for such occasions. They even wanted to get it some bird seed (even though I told them they still eat worms regurgitated from their parents). They weren't willing to do the worm thing so bird seed it was. I let them walk up to Save-A-Lot with Andrea to see if they or Dollar Tree had any but, alas, no birdseed.

While they were gone, I went outside and parental looking Blue Jays were out there swooping, carrying on like they were looking for their baby so I brought the aquarium out to the front yard so they could find their baby. The cats also found it...

This is the baby, up close. I think it's very pretty.
We finally left it on the ground so the parents could find it and actually, we thought we had seen it fly up to our neighbors roof so we thought all was well until...That same neighbor, Mrs. Ruth called and said there was a baby bird in her backyard, and asked if the kids would like to take care of it. So, now we have the bird back. We gave it water and it looked as if it might have fended off an attacker or two. It died about 10 minutes later. After a proper burial in the backyard, the girls were off onto the next project.

Then...Madeline comes running to me saying "Mom, Mr. Ricky's back yard is infested with Blue Jays and there's a baby bird out of it's nest and Rosie got it!". Oh yeah. That's always good news. So, we couldn't find Rosie which probably meant he brought it in the house. I went into my room and this is what I saw...

That bird was not happy to be in the clutches of Rosie (imagine that!). So, being careful not to get my smell on it (not thinking my smell was all over that bed), I picked it up with a plastic bag and brought it outside and let it go. It eventually hopped across the street and I have no idea where it is today. In my world, the parents found it and taught it to fly and all is well with the world. I love my world, sometimes.

This video is of Anna talking to Blue Jay #1 of the day. Too cute not to share.

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