Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter '09

Today's post is gonna be a long one! Lots of pics to share since I took all those pictures in Shreveport of the girls in their Easter finery. Believe it or not, you're glad I did that because we never got all three of them together in their dresses!

So, I'll let you peruse these at your leisure. Feel free to use any of them for your screensaver or wallpaper. I give you permission.

OK, well I don't know what happened to the single pics of Sadie. I had some good ones. I'll see if I can find them and put them on here. Be looking for them.
Last night was Easter Vigil Mass. For the non-Catholic readers, that's when the new Catholics come into the church. Baptisms, confirmations, first communions (for adults not Mads age), as well as the bringing in the new paschal candle and a whole host of other things happening. Father Joe, last night, compared Easter Vigil to the Super Wal-Mart of the Catholic year. So much going on and so much to see. It cracked me up. It is, however, my favorite mass. Oh so much going on, always ending in the "Hallelujah Chorus". Even I had chill bumps on my arms when we finished last night.
This morning, we got up, and did it again. Not the Easter Vigil but going to church and the Hallelujah Chorus. The kids hunted eggs at church, inside since God had provided rains to drown all the fires burning in Texas. Thanks!
When we got home, the boys came over and we ate yummy brisket, cooked by my darling husband and then the egg hunting proper ensued. First we hid eggs for the girls.

Jon Michel hid one of the "money" eggs in his back pocket. Guess who found it?

Oh yeah, she's no dummy!

Then, the girls hid eggs for the big kids. "Extreme Egg Hunt" they called it.

Look how excited they are!

Jon found one!

Conrad came away with the mother lode!

This is why they called it extreme. That's an egg perched on the roof of the house.

Jon payed Madeline two dollars for hints at the last egg which was "extremely" hidden. He started over to Ruth's yard with everyone else in tow.

So with extreme patience and some help from me, he finally found it. So then, I asked him if he gave her the dollars from the eggs the girls had found before and he said "yes", and I was extremely amused by this because those were Mads and Sadie's (and Anna's - but I'm sure she still had hers with her) dollars to begin with. I nearly fell on the ground laughing.
Well, then the boys hid them for Conrad and I and we're talking EXTREME extreme Easter egg hunt. It took forever for us to find them all, but we did!

I took about 3 or 4 shots of this and this was the best one.

My boys.

My baby boy and Jaime who still seemed to like me even though I thought she could be preggers.

Anna's found her place!
I hope you each had a blessed Easter and hope it was filled with God, family, friends, and chocolate.

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