Monday, April 06, 2009

Opening Day '09

You know what time it is? It's Baseball Time in Texas!!!! Opening Day for The Texas Rangers and Major League Baseball in general. WooHoo!

I've turned off the music today so you can hear the videos that I uploaded. I hope you enjoy!

So, the day begins abnormally. I actually didn't mind getting up! Then I did the happy dance several times before the girls even got out of bed. Now that will always get some groans out of them. My happy dance can be unbearable for the embarrassable.

Then, on to school. We all went until 10am when they are marked present and the school gets their money for the day for the students. Then out the door we go. Pick up Anna, go home get dressed warmly for the temperature did not get out of the low 50's the whole game. And that wind was whipping!

Then Jon and Tylar came over and we all walked to the game. As we were going over the bridge, we saw a little family of ducks and, I know this shocks you all - but, I took a picture.

OK, well, if you enlarge the pic by clicking on it, you can see them.

Then, finally at the Ballpark! Mads played a game sponsored by Coke and recycling and won this cool shirt. Sadie won a lapel pin.
Then, inside the Ballpark, these guys are here every year. It's like coming home, frankly, when I hear them. Take a listen, play the video.

OK if you look above the top of the lower seating bowl, you can see a strip with stars and strips and Omar Vasquez. This is new this year and it's pretty cool.

This one, I'm not nearly as enamored with. This used to be the manual out-of-town scoreboard. Now it's the digital one. I miss the old-fashioned manual scoreboard.

Big flag...held by a troop that sang the National Anthem to the stadium while over seas on Armed Forces day last year (season). HUGE flag.
You may remember last year's Opening Day post and how disappointed I was in the flyover. You know, now that I think about it, I think I was disappointed in alot of things last year. You can read all about it here. Well, this year, the flyover ROCKED!!!! See for yourself, play the video.

Governor Rick Perry.

OH, yes, that's him Former President George W. Bush!!!!

GWB throwing the first pitch. He wasted NO time. He walked out there and threw.

GWB signing the ball for whoever caught for him.

Now, this is the best part of the day. You'll have to enlarge the picture to see what I mean.

Yes, it says that we won!!! 9-1!!!! About the only thing that could have made this day better would have been for it to be warmer. As I said before, it was cold and windy. REALLY cold and windy.
I would like to say that my "Open Letter to Tom Hicks" last year must have worked. (if you didn't visit the link to my last year's post above, you can do it here to read the letter) The hot dogs had soft buns, the french fries were warm (when I got them), they had "value" meals that included hot dogs, french fries and a drink for just $6.75 and there were funnel cakes right by our section. Well, I did forget to take advantage of that little perk but don't worry, the season just started and with a grand start like that, I anticipate a great season for my Texas Rangers.


Anonymous said...

Lisa, this is a DELIGHTFUL post!!! Great story, videos, and pics. You just keep getting better at this!! Dana

awwood2 said...

Go, Rangers! You got some great pictures, too.