Friday, April 10, 2009

Home in the nest

Proud moment for me...All my babies home tonight. And, my big ones have their significant others with them, Jon has Tylar and Aaron has Jaime. Jaime is a lovely young lady and NOT with child as I had feared when Aaron told me he wanted to come home for a few days and bring Jaime with him. I just remember making that same phone call and what I told my mother when I did come home. I couldn't help but think that that would come around to bite me on the buttocks and I would have one who did that.
Oh, Jon Michel had a big laugh...after I talked to Aaron I called him and asked "why is your brother coming home?" He told me he didn't know that Aaron had just texted him and told him that he was coming. Oh, I was convinced! Then, when I called Aaron to find out what time they'd be here and he told me they wouldn't be leaving first thing in the morning because Jaime hadn't been feeling well, that they would wait until around noon, well...that just fit, now didn't it? HELLO? morning sickness!!!!
Then JM just called Aaron and point blank asked him and Aaron told him "no". Yeah, they're still laughing at me about that one.
Everyone will be over here for Easter. Y'all should come join us! We're puttin' a brisket on, y'all come!

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