Tuesday, October 03, 2006


I was gently chastised for yesterday's blog. I was told in no uncertain terms that no one wants to see a lone tooth with a Marks-a-lot. Y'all wanted to see the head from whence the tooth came. Well, here it is. Chocolate face and all.

Conrad took the girls out tonight so that I could take my mid-term test (I made an 88, thank you for asking). Thank you, Conrad. Anyway, he took them to Panchos, and of course they had ice cream for dessert. Sadie obviously had chocolate.
This is Sadie practicing her piano lesson. She really does practice! Until I saw this picture, I had no idea how dusty the piano was. What a disgrace. I know what I'll be doing tomorrow - dusting.
And I can't very well leave Madeline out. This is her explaining something very complex to my very simple mind. I've already forgotten what it was.

By the way, before you even ask, I'm taking a course on how to become a Medical Transcriptionist. I'm having a great time learning all this medical terminology.

By the way, a very big milestone was made by Sadie tonight. She actually decided to go on a Girl Scout campout WITHOUT any of her parents. I can't go, I have obligations here and Daddy's aren't allowed to go. I figured she would just opt out (she couldn't even spend the night across the street without getting homesick) but when she got home she told me she had decided to go. I asked her what changed her mind. She said "I get to get dirty and I'll be with all my friends". I'm so proud of her. I hope she doesn't change her mind. I'll keep you posted (you knew I would).

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