Friday, October 06, 2006

Spaced out birthday party

Sadie was invited to the most spaced out birthday party. It was tonight at the UTA Planetarium. We got to see a show about how the stars were viewed in ancient Egyptian times and what the different constellations were called back then and what they meant. Then they showed us the present day Texas night sky - both in the city and out in the country. The lovely man in charge showed us how to "star hop". It's finding things in the night sky using easy to spot constellations or stars. I did manage to stump the star guy by asking what a little conglomeration of stars were that I see all the time. He didn't know, but I bet he's gonna find out.

This picture if of the cake. It looked like the moon and you see earth over there in the corner and there are stars all around on the cake platter.

They also had these cookies for treats. Man, they were delicious as well as thematical.
Anna enjoying one of the aforementioned cookies.

Sadie and the birthday girl, Madeline. Happy Birthday, Madeline!!! Thanks for the educational yet fun birthday party! It takes a really creative kid or Mom (or Dad) to come up with something like this. My hat is off to whichever one of them came up with this. We had a blast (pun intended).

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