Thursday, October 12, 2006

What we did on fall break part 2

This morning my friend, Jessica, called me and asked me if we wanted to go letterboxing today. She had sent me a link to a letterboxing website last week and I was intrigued/instantaneously hooked. I thought this is scavenger hunting at your leisure! "We're in" I told her. So off we went to look for letterboxes.

Letterboxes, in case you've never heard of them, are boxes that people hide in public places then put clues to find them on the internet. Jessica sent me this link: and it is a wealth of letterboxing information as well as the place to look up the clues. What a wonderful idea and pastime.

This is our intrepid crew. From left to right: Anna, Sadie, Taylor, Madeline and Bailey. Jessica is taking a picture to my left so you can't see her.I found the first letterbox!!! Oh, Joy! In between the two rocks and just over the topmost stick between the two rocks you'll see a little army green with what looks like yellow writing. That's the box. This one was an old ammo box. It's weather-proof so a perfect container for it.
Inside this particular box was a bunch of little toys. You were welcome to take one but you were supposed to leave one if you did. We did not take one. Also, there was a rubber stamp, a pad of paper and a piece of paper with information about this particular box.

The purpose of letterboxing is that you take the stamp they have in the box and stamp your book with it and stamp the book in the box with your stamp so people know you have been there. This particular box is also a GPS box. People use their GPS instrument to find it. Don't ask me how, I don't even know what one looks like. I just know it has something to do with coordinates and if I ever get lost I hope I have something on me that tells people my GPS so they can find me and take me home.

This was a great outing for all the girls, they loved the hunt and this particular box was a great first find because of all the toys. I wish we had brought toys to leave. We've learned now. Next time we'll be prepared.

Madeline found the third box we looked for. The second could not be located but we think we may have just overlooked it due to the camouflage wrapping on the third and fourth boxes (they were all placed by the same person and part of a series of 3). But I really don't think it was there. We may go back and check it out again, sometime.

The bonus of letterboxing is the flora, fauna and live stuff you see. Here's one of our bonuses.

I hope none of y'all look at these pictures and say "oh, I hope they know that's poison ivy" or "look at that snake - what do you mean you didn't see it". If you see a snake in the pictures, please don't tell me. If you see poison ivy, please do. As allergic as I am you would think I would know it, but I don't.

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