Sunday, October 08, 2006

Happy Birthday!

I'm so proud of Sadie. She made it the whole campout. No one had to call me to come get her (not that I would have...I don't think). She had a great time and got dirty. These are her socks, the dirtiest thing on her. She was very proud of them.

After she got home she, Madeline and Anna sat out front at their little table. Anna held court while they did whatever it is they did.Happy Birthday, Jon!!!! This is Jon and Tylar. Jon turned 20 today. When I called him to wish him a "happy birthday" he said "I'm 20 and you're old". Thanks, Jon. I only gave you life. You could have been a tad nicer. Oh well. We went to see "Employee of the Month". It was a funny movie. And then we went to Jason's Deli and then went and relaxed by the fountain in Lincoln Square.
This is Madeline totally immersed in her "Birthday Dance for Jon which you can see in action here. Madeline also reprised her "Hallelujah Chorus" while we were out there, much to the delight of the other fountain patrons. You can hear it (although you can also hear the fountain - just so you're prepared) here.
And this was too sweet to pass up.

Happy Birthday, Jon. I love you!

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