Wednesday, October 11, 2006

What we did on our fall break

Things we did on our fall break:
We let the kitten get into the paint-by-numbers paint and then let it gorge itself on our fingers. The paint on the kittens nose is the same color as on Sadie's fingers. The story I heard was that the kitten got into the paint. Suspicious that it's the same color as on her finger? I think so.
We're also kickin' the habit. The thumb-sucking habit that is. This chart is for the first two days. It was divided into morning, afternoon and evening. Madeline found it hard to make an hour, much less a whole morning so we divided it into hours. Sadie's (the purple one) has two less hours because she slept really late. So far so good. It's the hardest thing I've had to do yet. It's constant vigilance, keeping their hands busy, keeping their minds off of it. IT'S HARD! But I guess necessary. I know their little teeth will thank me for it later and maybe even my pocket book should this keep them from having to have braces. But I'm not sure I'll make it through.

And by the way, I thought Madeline would sail through because on several occasions she has said she doesn't want to suck her thumb anymore. However, now, I have my doubts if she's really ready. I'll keep you posted. Pray for all of us.

And, while I'm asking you to pray, here's an even more worthy cause. My Aunt's sister's grandbaby Lane was diagnosed with a brain tumor and they did surgery and thought they had it and "all" they had to do was radiation but now they've found another one. Please pray for Lane and his family. For the Drs. to find everything and get rid of it. Mostly, I think, pray for a sense of God's divine will in this for his family. Only God knows why these things happen and it is in his infinite wisdom we must trust.

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