Wednesday, June 27, 2007

"Crocs" or a resonable facsimile thereof

Disclaimer: Any mention of the shoe "croc" in this blog is actually an "off-brand" of the style of shoe considered "croc".
Anna's got "crocs".
Hers are pretty pink ones with flowers. Mads has some just like it but I was so excited to find them in Anna's size! She loved Sadie's but I didn't get her any when I got Sadie's because I needed to get other stuff. Then, of course, when I went back to get them they didn't have any. Isn't that always the way?
So then I found some at JoAnn's fabric store (they sell them in the weirdest places - like Hallmark stores) and Anna was SO happy. She picked out a lovely pair of red ones. Well, we get to the checkout and they were $17.88. I don't think so. I don't pay that much for a pair of shoes for me if I can help it.
So I broke her heart and left them at the store. I have been on a quest since then to find her some less expensive "crocs". And then I thought about Rack Room Shoes that had them last year. I went in there and it's "croc" heaven. They have 'em for kids for big people for boys, for girls. They have the flip flop "crocs" and regular ones. It's amazing. Plus, the adult ones are on sale for $10 each. I got 2 pair.

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