Saturday, June 30, 2007

Vacation days one and two

Ok, so our first day of vacation - and this is one of those vacations that the girls are going to look back on and remember fondly, if I have to beat it into their heads. No, really, you know those family vacations where you are dressed in dorky clothes and your hair is styled in some weird way you don't want to remember? This is that vacation. I feel like such an adult now. I don't like it one bit. Ok, there are pluses....anyway...
Not far into our first day, we are reminded of the power of God, mother nature, whomever you believe is in charge of our weather. Here is a picture of the flooding in Witchita Falls.

That's just off the highway. Not even in the town or anything. WOW.

Our first dinner break. See, this is one of those pictures.

The hotel we stayed at our first night was next to a truck stop and these were parked there. They are the propellers for wind turbines. They are HUGE! You can tell by the size of the trucks parked next to it.

Begin our second day of vacation...
Mandatory cheesy picture in front of the "Welcome to New Mexico" sign. Sadie was asleep for those wondering. And I know you were.
Boredom set in easily and often. Madeline learned new tricks. Good girl!

So much for the mandatory cheesy picture in front of the "Welcome to Colorado" sign. We just whizzed by it. We were ready to get where we were going.
We were impressed by this mountain until we saw...

...this mountain. Then we saw...
...these mountains. You'll really have to blow this pic up to see the snow capped mountains under the clouds. But, I can tell you, they were beautiful and impressive.
As soon as we got there, Madeline played dress up. Notice the shoes. Wendy calls them "stripper shoes".

This is Conrad, Aaron (the tall one) holding Anna over the rail, James and Wendy on a bridge out their back door. Totally cool area.
Cactus flowers in bloom we saw on our way back from that area.
These are my Air Force Academy Chapel pictures I 've taken so far. There's more, but these are good.

We get to go inside and hear my mom play the organ in there on Monday. I'm so excited.
Only people who watch "All My Children" will get this next picture.
Wendy lives in PINE VALLEY! How cool is that?

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