Monday, June 18, 2007

What a weekend!

Wow, y'all must be going through I-know-somebody-who-puts-their-kids-pictures-on-the-internet-and-she-hasn't-done-it-for-a-whole-week withdrawl. I am so sorry. With Uncle Ernie passing and the ensuing paperwork/grieving/just down right tiredness I haven't had it in me to blog. But, I'm back. So ready?....

This weekend, we went to Odessa for a wedding. We stayed in a really nice place, although, I thought I had food poisoning the first night but I didn't (yea, me! - or should it be yea, restaurant?). It had an indoor/outdoor pool, an indoor putt-putt area, indoor play area (envision big McDonald's toy), ping pong table and free drinks from 5:30 - 7:00 p.m.! Woohoo! Frankly, that was my favorite part. Oh, they also had a free breakfast buffet with pancakes, bagels, eggs, hash browns, sausage, get the idea, it wasn't any bagel and cereal buffet. It was full blown. Wow! Now, you had to be there by 9am or you were out of luck and oddly, we almost didn't make it both days we were there. Could have something to do with the fact that no one went to sleep in our room before midnight?

This is the girls the first night we were there, when I thought I got food poisoning.
Anna, contemplating something grand, I'm sure.
Julian and Linda. They are the ones who got married. If it weren't for Julian, Conrad and I wouldn't be married today (unless some cosmic happening interfered and our worlds collided a second time). We were at a place where they serve alcoholic beverages and you can dance to country themed music and we were both supposed to meet people we knew there. Well, as fate would have it, neither of our parties showed up.
Now, Conrad, left to his own devices would 1) never have been there in the first ten thousand places and 2) if he did go, he would have left without saying a word to anyone. As it happened, he had Julian there to help matters along and started talking to me, then Conrad finally chimed in. The rest, as they say, is history. And a lovely, timeless, productive one at that. Ah, sweet mystery of love...
And speaking of my he is, all dolled up as Best Man.

After the wedding, Conrad took the girls to a parking lot where they had all these HUGE inflatables. There were spook houses and big slides, etc. I think they really liked it.
Here's Mads in front of some inhuman thing. Sadie says it's a dragon. Whatever, looks scary to me.Here's Sadie climbing up the very steep ladder so she could slide down the slide. By the way, this is the only outfit she brought for the trip. "I didn't know we were staying 3 days!" she says. I wanted to strangle her.

All over Odessa they have these Jack Rabbits (or Jackalopes, I'm not sure) and they're all painted differently. Totally cool. I wanted to get pictures of them all but, oddly, didn't have my camera when I needed it. I know, hard to believe. But, I did finally get this one (well, Conrad actually took the picture - I was driving).

When we got home, one of the first things I did was take the flowers out of this basket so they didn't start stinking. I had just put the basket in the chair in the kitchen when Puss made it his new bed. How cute is this?

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