Sunday, June 03, 2007

The big reunion

My friends Kim and Lisa and I planned to get a reunion together of several classes of our two schools. Lisa and I graduated from the private school Trinity Heights and Kim graduated from the public school Northwood but went to TH for several years. As you can imagine, both schools knew people from each school, we all went to church or played sports or lived near each other, dated or in some other way each other growing up. So we thought it a great idea to combine the schools and classes together for one big reunion.

We sent out letters, e-mails, put up signs phoned people. We were flat getting the word out and people seemed genuinely interested. 3 people registered. Yep, you read that right, 3, three, tres, a trio. We were very disappointed to say the least. So we cancelled the big shin-dig and just decided to go have dinner at a place called Superior Bar and Grill on Sat. night and several people showed up for that. Some came to eat, some just for a little while to visit and when we moved from there to a place called "Harley's" to visit some more (supposedly a quieter place, don't believe it) most everyone showed up there. We enjoyed the company and it was suggested to try to do it again, later on in the summer when maybe more people could be there. I said, "You go right ahead, I'll be here with bells on, but I won't head it up again". No, thank you.
My friend, Kim and her husband Eric.
Yours truly and Conrad.
Half of the table, Kim, Kim, Kim's husband who's name I can't remember, Susan and her fiance', again, can't remember his name.
The other half of the table, Conrad, Brad, you can just see Ginger's arm and blonde head, Kay and Ron Gipson.
At Harley's (the "quiet place" - not). Me, Kim, Kim, Susan and Sharon.
For those who were there, we had a great time. For those who missed it, too bad for you. Maybe next time.

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