Saturday, June 09, 2007

Gettin' back to normal

Well, for obvious reasons, I haven't much felt like blogging. However, it is time to move forward and resume my normal activities. YEA! I'm sure it will be awhile before everything is "normal" (try 18 years) but, I'm going to be happy if it's just anywhere near our usual "normal".

So, this picture was taken sometime this week. Don't ask when, the days are fuzzy. But, Sadie came and asked me to come look at something. It was a baby bird. It was big but not quite flying yet. This is her feeding it. Well, trying to. She kinda got grossed out when I told her she had to chew up worms and regurgitate them to really feed the bird.

Anna loves OREOS!
These are the flowers that Uncle Ernie's daughter sent. They now grace my home. Aren't they beautiful?

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