Tuesday, June 26, 2007


The fantastic PTO at our school for next year has decided that getting the kids together during the summer would be fun. And tonight was our first attempt. A skating party. We all went to the Skatium and had a blast. It was raining cats and dogs out but 32 kids skated and their parents visited. I think a good time was had by all. The next time we get together will be a swimming party. Woohoo!
The pictures are not that great on this outing. I forgot my camera at home so I had to use my phone. Other than not being big, in focus or sharp, they're pretty good, don't you think? The top picture is Becky, the beloved new babysitter. She runs, jumps and plays with the children. They beg for her to come babysit them.
This is Brady. Yep, he let 8 little wheels get the best of him. He gave up skating early on and decided to play video games instead.
This is Becky and Madeline.
And, this is Sadie and Becky. Pretty clear pictures, huh?

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