Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Christmas cheer

The picture below will tell you why I am tired, ALOT. I was sitting in the next room and had no idea that Anna had the stamp pad. The permanent ink pad. She amazes me with her stealth. The ink pad was on the desk I was at and she still managed to make sure I was distracted enough not to see her get it. This is also why you should never get permanent ink pads.

Miss Persis' Dance Studio puts on "Elf Shows" every year as a community service. Mostly, they go to nursing homes and such. They do get to perform for the Mayor of Arlington, so there are some places besides nursing homes where they perform. This is Madeline dressed as a "smart Elf". Notice the shoes. (That's Miss Persis behind her in the blue shirt.)
Afterwards, they meet and greet.

How cute is she?
This is Mrs. Lily, who was so appreciative. What a lovely lady.

This nursing home just happens to be where Uncle Haymie lived before he went home to be with Lynne and live out the rest of his days in the peace and quiet of the country. (Uncle Haymie was another one of Conrad's uncles.)

OK, I had video of Madeline singing her song, but apparently the videos don't want to load. So, instead of keeping these lovely pictures from you, I will omit the videos and send this blog on out.

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