Friday, May 23, 2008

The bird incident

Here is a story tailor made for my blog. It is a true account of happenings in my house, just this morning.

As a warning - if circle of life incidents (as in animals doing what they do in the wild) make you queasy or infuriated, please read no further.

I was vacuuming away (it's what I do before my Mumsey visits) and Anna comes to me and says "Puss - intelligable- bird - eating". Now from this I got that Puss caught a bird and so I asked her "where is Puss?". She said "in here" and did that cute thing she does with her hand to indicate to me to follow. Of course, I did. This is what awaited me in the living room...

In case you can't tell, those are feathers all over the floor. Now, normally I wouldn't show our yucky carpet on this blog but this is a necessity to show you the amount of carnage.

I asked Anna where Puss was now and she went around the end of the couch and this is what I saw.

Apparently, all our cats are "Puss". This happens to be Rosie and lest you think he's innocent...
Incrminating evidence right there on his face.

Coming out to survey the damage he had done.

Then I looked behind the couch to see if the bird was dead or alive and alive he was.

Scared half out of his mind, but alive and NOT wanting to be in our house but enjoying the safety of behind the couch. And, since I was cleaning when this all happened, I would like to point out that I did NOT have to clean from behind the couch before I took this picture. It somehow stays clean! I think I want to live there. Anyway...

I called Conrad to tell him of Rosie's exploits and asked him how to get the bird out from under the couch. Just as a reference, this is the part of the couch that has a hide-a-bed in it and is heavier than...well, I don't know what, it's just heavy. That's about as far as I could get it out.

He suggested a broom and finally with some brooming and coaxing, it finally came out to the awaiting open patio door, flying to freedom and what is left of it's little birdy life with a story of survival and, hopefully, an appreciation for the gift of life.

That's our bird story.

I am happy to report that all feathers have been vaccuumed up and the only indication that anything happened is the feather left on Rosie's face. A kind of scarlet letter, if you will.

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Tusenbroder said...

Happy ending, huh?

But was the bird really able to fly after loosing all those feathers? Must have been a somewhat rough flight :)