Saturday, May 17, 2008

Wow, what a day yesterday. First was field day.

The downside of being the PTO President is that while I am at most all of the events of the school, I am not able to "be there" with the girls. Most of the time, I'm in the same vicinity or same room so I am able to see whatever is going on. At field day, it's different. The PTO has water and snacks and we have to "guard" them with our lives, lest they disappear before their time. We are under a pavilion while the actual events are out in a field where, unless they're right by the pavilion, we can't really see what's going on.

The girls would come in every now and then and show me their ribbons, see, here's Madeline showing off her early winnings.

This is Madeline and her teacher Mrs. Eisenhower. Mrs. Eisenhower won't be back next year. She's decided to stay home and "be a mom". Her husband, Mr. Eisenhower, also teaches at the school and Sadie will probably have him for something next year.
Sadie showing off her winnings. They're mostly second place ribbons. She's improving!
This is Sadie's class in the heat of the battle of tug-of-war. They did not win.
I went down for both girls' tug-of-wars and when Sadie was done, Madeline impulsively went up to her and hugged her in comfort. It was such a sweet thing for me to witness, I was glad I was there for the moment.

Anna, up to this point, had been with Jennifer. She takes such good care of her. As you can see, she's had a bang trim and while it's not as evident, also a bath. Jennifer had told me she was going to trim Lora's bangs and I told her that if the scissors found their way to Anna's bangs it wouldn't offend me. And, here she is - and you can see her eyes! She does a much better job than I do at that, for sure. Then she brought her up to field day and Anna had fun running around and being out in the open air and drinking water. All in all, a good day for field day. It was gorgeous, not too hot and seemed well organized. Of course, the PTO's part was efficiently run. Teehee!

Then, we had the Mother/Son outing at the Rangers' Game. Not the best day to have it since field day takes it out of most of us (especially us old - oops - experienced ones). But, when I planned the Mother/Son outing, field day was supposed to be May 2. For some reason, it was changed and we could do nothing about it so off we went.

We had some people meet at my house and walked up to the Ballpark (so as not to have to pay the $12 for parking). While walking, the National Anthem was sung and a flyover by helicopters (the type is still under debate at our house). I took a picture - the only picture of the night since I forgot my camera. I took this one with my phone. I think it's one of the coolest pictures I've taken.

And, just for the record, I found out why the flyover on opening day wasn't very loud. They were conserving fuel and slowed down and thus the "quiet" fly over. Posh. I want loud!

By the time we got home (after a 16-8 victory with 6 homeruns by the Rangers) I was as beat as I could be. I am still tired. We were given Hurricane Harbor tickets for tomorrow and I think Conrad will be taking the girls to that. I've got some cleaning to do anyway, Mom's coming on Friday!

Speaking of which...we will be going to the shooting range when she comes. She's all excited. She's bought another gun - one with a laser on it. OH. MY. GOODNESS!!!!! While she's here, she'll be very busy. We have two recitals, one end-of-year program, a lunch duty day, two Griffin Buck Truck days and the shooting range. How will we fit it all in?

By the way. If you're in town, Madeline is cordially inviting you to her recital. It's May 31 at 1pm. E-mail me or call me and I'll give you more specifics. She just wants everyone to be there.

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becauseIsaidso said...

Love the award ribbons. My daughter's school sports day doesn't give out ribbons as apparently it isn't fair to those children who don't do well enough. I say bring back the days of first, second and third ribbons, and everyone else gets a "Well done for trying".