Monday, May 05, 2008

This weekend we went to San Antonio. A once yearly trek that got side-tracked by 1)Anna's birth, you know, she was attached to me for food - go figure and 2) Conrad's brief retirement from soccer. That lasted all of one season.

We love the San Antonio tournament because we get away from the kids, we enjoy the fellowship of the ducks, we get to eat Taco Cabana at will because there's one right near the hotel where we always stay and for a bonus, there's some soccer thrown in. They never really try to win, although this year they actually tied a game. Came too close for comfort to a win. See, if they win, they have to play Sunday. After 3 games on Saturday and yummy food and drinking...oh, did I say drinking? I meant food and fellowship and regaling of stories of the days' non-conquests - you know, injuries, goalies getting thrown out of games, etc... well, they're really not in any shape to play on Sunday. Hence the hope of losses on Saturday. But don't tell them I told you their secret.

For us spectators, it's our first chance at sun for the year. Me? I took it way to lightly this year. Perhaps I'm getting old but used to be, I could sit out all day and sure, I would get pinkish but it would turn to tan the next day. This year? This year I looked like a stinkin' lobster. And truly? I think I got it all in the morning when it was freezing and windy and the sun was out at the same time. I eventually did put on sunscreen but, as you can see, it was too late.
Yeah, I know, it's painful to look at. It's even more painful to live with. I am happy to say that after an absolutely horrific yesterday, sunburn and ear ache (I think due to wind) I am doing much better today.

Don't ask me why all the splotches. I have two places on each knee that are completely white and the backs of my legs are white as well. If you see me from behind, it looks like my legs haven't seen the first peep of sunshine.

Solarcaine with Aloe Vera (green gel looking stuff) is a Godsend. I highly recommend it in case you find yourself being stupid like me.

So, at the Saturday night dinner/awards ceremony there are always plenty of duck related items. This one, in particular, caught my eye. It reminds me of what Conrad must look like when he takes the girls to the soccer game.

He says wistfully, "if only they followed me like that".

The team is the Killer Ducks, hence the duck items. Just FYI.

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