Monday, May 05, 2008

Girls' day

Yesterday, Sadie asked me if I would take them to the lake today. I asked her if she'd seen me and she said "no". I said "I'm as red as a lobster, I'm not going anywhere there is sun tomorrow". So I suggested a girls' day since they were off from school today. You know, celebrating the defeat of the French at the hands of the Spanish - of which we are neither. I don't know if that was proper English - but there it is.

So we were invited by Mr. Ricky (next door) to have our girls' day on his patio since we had invited Andrea (his daughter) to join us. We gladly accepted and after some errand running and living room cleaning, we painted our fingernails and toenails and ate some yummy chicken and salad and I think there was some ice cream somewhere in there.

It culminated in ribs and s'mores and then the hair curling commenced. First Sadie...
Then Madeline and Anna...
Here are my - now - painted toes. After seeing that picture of my sunburned legs, all I could look at was my toes and how badly they needed some tending to. We took care of that today, complete with butterfly tattoo and little "diamond". You can't really see the "diamond" but it's where that indentation looking spot is on my big toe, the blue blob is the butterfly.

All and all, it was a good day. My sunburn has stopped sending sharp pains up my legs and other than the occasional brush against some child that has forgotten that I am in pain, it's OK. The weather was cool and not windy and we were out on a lovely patio, being fed by a man who knows his grill. Thanks Mr. Ricky for being such a good "guardian" for us. (He kept any unwanted men away from us lovely ladies lounging about at our leisure". If not for him, who knows who would have sauntered up.
And, you'll be glad to know that Phil, my across the street neighbor, has happily agreed to take my mother to the shooting range when she gets here at the end of the month. He's eagerly awaiting her visit now. Hey, Mumsey, he said I can go, too.

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cute girls!