Saturday, May 24, 2008

busy saturday

Yesterday, my Mumsey came to our house to stay until next Saturday. Everyone was so excited. Especially Madeline and Anna, they went outside to wait for her...
One of the reasons she came to visit was to see Sadie's piano recital. This is Sadie on her way to the recital. We got her a balloon to wish her luck.

This is her performance.

After all the performances, awards were given out. Among others, she got a gold medal for her theory test (state issued, I think- it looks VERY official) and a bronze medal for piano (Michele issued) and she also won a practice something or other and a bunch of other ribbons, too numerous to mention.

All of Michele's students were very impressive. She does a really great job teaching piano. Thank you, Michele, for your gift of teaching.

Michele and Sadie hugging (that cute red tin on the table was our gift to Michele, it had all sorts of goodies in it.

After the recital, Sadie made a pinata out of a pizza box. I have a video of Sadie and Madeline trying to break it but it's almost 4 minutes long and I didn't figure y'all wanted to watch that for that long. So, here's a picture of Anna trying to break it. I think it had fruit snacks and popsicles in it.

Then, as if that wasn't enough, Conrad, Mom, Phillip and Lisa (neighbors across the street) and I went to the gun range to shoot guns. Here's my "pistol packing mom" shooting hers.

I have to admit, it was a lot of fun, especially once I got over all the loud gun shot sounds (well, I guess that's what they actually were). In the beginning, I was jumping everytime a gun was shot and man, that got tiring - hard to aim a gun when you're jumping, too. I did pretty good, got lots of holes in my target. I foresee us going back there. Thanks, Mumsey and Phillip!

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Elaine A. said...

Wow! Is she playing from memory because I could never do that when I did a recital (back in the day). That's awesome! Yay Sadie!