Saturday, August 02, 2008

As I knew it would be, my question about the bird was answered surely and swiftly. The very first answer came from my sister and I will share it with you because it made me smile.

That is an immature cardinal, my bird-identification-challenged sister. I say immature as in "young," not as in foolish, though I will say that getting caught by a cat was not the smartest thing to do...I suspect he's still not good at flying which is why he got snagged. I'm afraid I don't have high hopes for his survival either, but then, one never knows...

Thank you, all who responded. I don't know the fate of the bird, I saw it hopping around yesterday. In my world... (you're gonna love this!) he hopped to the bird infirmary where he is being treated for dehydration, starvation and a good scare. His wing is healing nicely with some stablization and antibiotic ointment. He should be released tomorrow or the next day.

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Aaron said...

poor immature cardinal :(
at least someone has high hopes for him