Monday, August 04, 2008

Car wash

In anticipation of a trip later this week to Shreveport with Aaron, I cleaned out the van today and then the girls helped me wash it. Then, Sadie had the bright idea to have a car wash for the whole neighborhood. I figured, heck, it's 106 degrees outside, water cools you down, it'll keep the girls occupied, it's a win-win. Sure, have a car wash. She wanted to charge $5 but I told her anyone could go down Collins and get the machine to wash their car for $5 so they (Sadie, Mads and Olivia) decided on $1. Mr. Ricky was their first customer and he paid them $2. I think they told him $2 and he paid it but on the sign they made, it was $1. Anyway, they ended up washing 6 cars and made $19. So, as you can see, nobody only paid them $1.
This is them washing "Uncle Stacey"'s car.

They did a good job. I was official "rinser" and "dryer" since I was the only one who could reach the windshields and I didn't want them forgetting to turn off the water.

And now a bit of randomness...Can anyone tell me where the clip for my hair or the other 5,489 ponytail holders that have lived in my house for the past however many years have gone? I can't find one anywhere. It's driving me crazy. And, while my hair isn't that long, it's too long to be down on these 106 degree days.

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