Wednesday, August 20, 2008

First Day of School 2008-2009

First day of School!!!!

Here's Sadie on the first day of fourth grade. She has Mr. Eisenhower (husband of Madeline's first grade teacher last year) and is excited about it. As you can see in the picture the ACA PTO added lunch boxes to the Spirit Shop this year, she chose the "earth" colored one.
Here's Mads in all her first day of school glory. She chose the "toxic green" lunch box. Can you say "extreme differences" in sisters?
I had to run (OK, I walked) down the hall so I stuck my camera in Sadie's room and got her sitting down to her desk with all her stuff.
And, when I poked the camera in Mads' room, she was already hard at work.
Very exciting stuff, this first day of school. I'm so happy to have them back to school. Anna starts on Sept. 2. I'll catch some pics of that, too.

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