Monday, August 04, 2008

Sunday visit

Yesterday, Conrad went and picked up Richard (his younger brother) so we could all go visit Peggy. Richard gave Anna these sunglasses. She loves them and thinks she is "all that and a bag of chips plus a pickle" when she has them on.
When we got to Peggy's place, there was a group singing, playing guitars and in general being very lively. Peggy went and sang with them for a few minutes. She's the one in the hat and vest.

After that, we sat and chatted and Peggy showed Richard her room and while they were gone doing that, this lovely lady came around...
Her name is Doris Madeline Hudson (OK, her middle name is not Madeline and her last isn't Hudson, but in case someone uncivilized reads the blog I didn't want them to have her full name) and she came up to us and just started talking up a storm. She asked our names a bunch of times and how old Anna was about 20 and when Madeline walked up, Doris had found a friend. Madeline wasn't afraid of her in the least and would actually talk and interact with her. I'm sure most children who go up there aren't like that. However, Madeline grew up going to nursing homes with me so she's used to the people who reside in them. She knows they're not scary, just old and happy to see young people. I love that about Madeline. She let Mrs. H kiss her cheek and talked to her for a bit. It was lovely to see.

Then we took Peggy for ice cream. When we got back, she wasn't quite remembering where her room was but was sure she would be able to find it even though I offered to take her there. She also didn't remember that she'd just eaten ice cream. That made me very sad. Not that she forgot the ice cream but that she'd forgotten already. Keep her in your prayers.

And for any family members with your doubts about where Peggy is, please know that she seemed perfectly fine and seemed happy with her surroundings although she was excited to go somewhere when we signed her out.

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