Sunday, August 24, 2008

Move in Day at NSU

Move in day was here. Saturday morning we all got up with a sense of anticipation of getting Aaron settled in and on his way to a degree in Theatre Arts. Me? I had all that and a sense of loss.

Granted, Aaron doesn't live with me most of the time, but I still love him and miss him when he's not around. I felt the "out-of-the-nest" feeling most parents get when they send their children off to college. I also felt odd for feeling that. Was it really any different than sending him back home to go back to high school? Yes. This time, I was sending him off, ON. HIS. OWN. to make new friends, to make his own schedule (around his schooling, of course) to find his own way in his own way. A huge step for anyone and here I was, the parent assigned to this duty. Don't get me wrong, it's a duty I gladly accepted. One I hoped would come my way. I just didn't expect the feelings that came along with it.

Luckily, I had Mumsey, Auntie B., Pamela and Greg to help me and Aaron through. I think Aaron was fine with it all, but, of course, in Scrivner fashion, we made it into a production, one I think Aaron could have lived without but weathered it like a trooper anyway.
This is all us Scrivner women with Aaron (Gregela is taking the picture) before we moved Aaron in.

I apologize for the size of the pics. Pamela had to send them to me via e-mail because I sent my camera with Conrad and the girls. Pics should be up from their trip later.
A little explanation is in order here. The NSU mascot is a Demon. Yes, the NSU Demons. So their "rally cry" is "fork 'em Demons" with this little finger sign. Most people think of it as the longhorn sign but, for us it's a demon fork. So, if you see me do this to you, take it as a compliment. teehee
Gregela goofing with Aaron.
They had tents set up all over the place with people offering water, help moving in, help with other information, it was a very welcoming environment, I thought. Except for the glich that Aaron didn't get the dorm/wing he wanted it went rather smoothly. He's in a brand-spanking-new building that no one has lived in yet so that's kinda cool. He's just not with his theatre buddies. But, I'm sure he'll figure out where they are and spend plenty of time over there.
This is us riding the elevator up to his 3rd floor room.
And this is his room. It actually looks better than this, already. We had all his stuff put up and out and in and wherever it needed to go. A trip to Wally world for things we forgot and he was in for good. We all said "good-bye" and left. Me, I didn't cry until I hit the hallway because I told him I wasn't crying. But, I did.
Aaron, I wish you all the best at college. I hope you find a great group of friends who also have their feet firmly planted in good things. I hope you study hard even though you don't want to. I hope you play hard because you can. I hope you work hard in the theatre because you enjoy it and most of all I want you to remember these next four years as a growing experience for what life will bring you. And, I hope life brings you joy and everything else good. Good Luck, Aaron!
And, remember. I am proud of you.

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