Wednesday, March 14, 2007

I'm going to go backwards tonight. I will start with today's happenings on our vacation.

We stopped at Autumn's (our Niece) to see all the new babies in the family. We had 3 born within 8 days of each other, the youngest are 2 weeks old. Autumn fed us yummy food and we had wonderful company, it was a really great stop in the middle of the otherwise rather boring drive. See if you don't think this was worth it.
This little cutie with a head full of hair is Brylee Wangler. She is as sweet as she can be and even burped for Auntie Lisa.

This is an actual baby, not a doll. I don't know if it's the lighting or my camera but little Rainee (I hope I spelled that right) looks like a living doll. Madeline got to hold her before big sister did. Actually, I don't think Sadie held any of them. She loved playing Referee-mommy-playmate to Anna and Parker, the big kids of the bunch.
This is Rainee's brother, who's name escapes me at this moment (please forgive me, I'm sleep deprived) but I know it starts with an R. Well, I'm pretty sure it starts with an R. Anyway, he slept through the whole thing. Kids playing basketball 3 ft. from him, throwing crayons around, Anna pokin' him in the forehead - didn't bother him a bit.
Yep, she touched his nose, too.
And then Miss Kitty's babies were waitin' for us when we got home. 2 that look like "Banda", 2 tiger stipes and one that looks like "Blue" (from her first litter). She was so sweet, she let us pet them and hold them.
Now, I am going to bed. I will catch you all up on as much as I can tomorrow. We really did have an exciting vacation and did lots of fun things. I can't wait to show them all to you. 'Night!

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