Saturday, March 24, 2007

Litter Free

Today we took part in the "Proud to be Litter Free" trash pick up in Arlington. We picked up trash in Veteran's Park. We picked up lots of big trash. I'm proud of the kids who came. They worked hard and were very excited when they got big hunks of stuff to put in their bags.

This was a big stringy thing (probably decayed carpet or padding of some sort) that we all worked on getting out of the ground. YUCK! They really worked hard getting this out.
After we cleaned up, we played and fed the ducks. We also found these duck eggs. One looked like it had broken but the others were intact. Hopefully they will hatch to be fully productive ducks. If you happen to know otherwise, don't tell me, I like my dream world where all eggs hatch to be cute little ducklings. Well, the duck eggs, anyway.
On the way back from feeding the ducks, this family of turtles was pointed out to me. Daddy's in the back then Momma and if you can see if front of Momma, there's a little baby turtle. I can hear my Aunt Janis now, "show us pictures of those kids, we don't want to see no stinkin' turtles or duck eggs"!
This is Sadie's tent. Up because she and Madeline are sleeping in it tonight. Well, maybe. Last night they tried it and I don't think it was very late before Sadie was in MY bed. Madeline slept out there all night. Conrad was on the couch, sliding door wide open, keeping watch.

Can I just say sleeping with the sliding glass door open is not a good idea? We had all manner of cats roaming through our house last night. We probaby had some other animals I would rather not think about, too. However, I was happy that my manly man was keeping watch over the girly girls.

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