Friday, March 02, 2007

In sickness

Tuesday, Madeline and Sadie were home sick. Wednesday, Anna came down with something and this is her yesterday, passed out on my bed. I thought it was cute that she was in almost the same position as Puss.

Why is it that when they're fine and full of "spit and vinegar" (don't ask me where I got that saying but I've always liked it) I want to drug them and make them sleep. Then, when they're feeling bad and they sleep on their own, are lethargic and quiet and still, I just want them up and coloring on the walls again?

When Madeline went to visit Nonnie the other weekend, she got to go to "Build a Bear" and we now have "Conner" living with us. Conner looks alot like Puss and I think Puss may love him. He likes canoodling with him anyway.

So, Anna is still sick and now Madeline is running a fever and Conrad's not feeling all that hot. Wellness! Wellness! My kingdom for some wellness!

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