Saturday, March 03, 2007

Saturday at our house

Madeline was feeling much better today. No fever when she got up and feelin' fine. Anna was another story. She got up acting fine and had a few cracker sticks (from those little elves - they're delish) and some gatorade. Then about an hour or so after she got up she was out again and slept on and off again all day. This is her and her Daddy all snuggled up on the couch.

I walked into the living room and saw this sight. I felt sorry for poor Conner. Then I felt silly for feeling sorry for a stuffed animal. But it was a cute sight so I captured it for all to see.
This is Anna later in the day. She actually looked a little more awake than this but this is pretty much how she felt all day.

If you're wondering why the girls aren't in these pics, Conrad took them to the museum today. They also went up in the "big ball" (that's what they call Reunion Tower. Exciting day for them and I forgot to send the camera. Oh well, if I had, you wouldn't have seen Conner in all his glory and Anna looking half-asleep

Well, I thought it would come out a little better than this but the moon was eclipsed tonight and this was the end of it. This is a clear shot of a full moon so you can see that the upper right is missing a little.

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