Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Spring is here!

Spring has sprung! It's hard to get the girls in to do their homework. Anna wants to be outside and so do I. Housework can wait. Homework, however, can't.
Anna smells the flowers and in the next breath tears the flowers off the stem.

"I do not want to go in".
My little Rosita also enjoys being outside.
I wish I had a "sm-uter" a computer that you could smell through. This gardenia is the first one to bloom in my possession. I planted one gardenia last year then got this one and never got around to planting it. The one I planted is still there, hanging on for dear life but this one has bloomed (in it's original pot) and smells ab-fab.

She did not tear this flower up. She would have lost an arm if she had.

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