Saturday, March 31, 2007

Celebrating a life well lived

We had Aunt Betty's funeral today. It was a lovely Mass and Dana (Conrad's sister) and Paul (Conrad's brother) spoke of lovely memories of Aunt Betty. Then we moved on to our house for the real celebration. I think she would have approved of this party.
Margaret (Conrad's sister) showing us how it's done. She's got it goin' on!
The men were holding court and Anna kept walking through and around their circle.
Exhaustion takes over.
This is the first time Uncle John (Conrad's brother) and Anna have met.
Parker's pooped.
Conrad's brother George and cousin Mark.
I wasn't even looking through the view finder when I took this picture. Awesome, huh?
Conrad's brother Joe and their mother, Peggy (Aunt Betty's twin).
Sweet Bonnie (Joe's wife).
The spray that said "beloved wife". It was beautiful.

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