Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Airport tour

Today our friend Jessica, who is the most awesomest (yeah, I know that's bad grammer, but she is) person at finding fun stuff for kids to do, had arranged for us to go to the airport for a "behind the scenes" tour. We were treated like royalty.

First stop was the "noise room". That's where they actually can listen to planes taking off, etc. They have those big screens like you see in movies that show where all the planes are. They taught us alot. It's amazing the things that go into running an airport. It's also amazing the things they can know at the touch of a button. Things like: how many planes fly over our house everyday, how high the planes in the air right now are, how many are landing, taking off, etc. Unbelievable!

Then we were taken to a room where we were treated to lunch (yummy, very thick, pizza, with veggies and dip and delicious desserts) and lemonade. After lunch, a military man who arranges for our troops to come home from Iraq spoke to us and allowed us to ask all sorts of questions. Among the many, we asked how to be able to come to the airport to welcome home troops. He told us how (if you want to know, I can tell you). Then an Airport Policeman spoke to us. He rides a bicycle and doesn't have a siren on his bike (except the one he makes with his mouth - that was very funny).

Then these two lovely gentlemen escorted us to teminal B and got us through security. Yes, we had to take off our shoes and all. That's where we got onto the "Skylink" and rode to the new terminal "D". It was very nice. We had to walk in 3's and this is the 3 amigas.

Sadie, Kaitlyn and Taylor. Waiting for the Skylink.

After we rode the Skylink to teminal "D" and back, we got to do something absolutely fantastic. There happened to be a troop deploying to Iraq. We got to send them off. We clapped for them, high fived them, told them "good luck" and "come back safe", shook their hands. I was very moved by the experience as were other mothers. (I wasn't the only one tearing up.)

I love the look in Zane's eyes. He's the boy in the green shirt, if you enlarge the picture he looks like he is in awe of this soldier. As he should be.
This soldier wanted to have a picture with all the kids. What a great group of guys and ladies.

Thank you, Jessica, again for a lovely day. We won't soon forget it.

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