Wednesday, August 22, 2007

First Days

Madeline has decided to dance this year. Last time she danced, she wanted to do it her way. That doesn't sit so well with dance teachers trying to teach fundamentals. Her teacher said she did fabulously yesterday (her first day). This picture is of her right after her first dance lesson...still smiling! It probably helps that her boyfriend (Kolton) is in her class.
First day of school!!!!!! WooHoo!!!!! I mean, BooHoo, NOT! My little girls are off to another year of school. Except, their not so little anymore. Sadie will be in third grade this year. She'll have the same teacher as last year because Mrs. Solis moved up a grade. (She got smarter, too! haha)
This is Madeline, the first grader, leaving the house this morning, all ready to go. She was up at 6 am (with a bloody nose) but ready to go.
This is Sadie, NOT up at 6 am but ready to go when it was time. That's all I ask.
And Anna, toddling after them, raring to go.

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