Sunday, August 19, 2007

More birthday party

The girls got to go fishin' out at Uncle Joe and Aunt Bonnie's house yesterday. This is one of the fish Sadie caught. It's as big as Anna!

How yummilicious does this cake look? Sadie made it all by herself. Madeline wanted to frost it but Sadie did that herself. Madeline did, however, put the gingerbread muffin and razzles candy on it.

As "Happy Birthday" was about to be sung, I looked over at the counter and there sat this stick of butter. I thought, hmmm, the cake mix Sadie had was a "butter recipe" cake mix. I asked her if she took two sticks of butter out and she said "no, just one". I thought to myself, hmmmm, I'm thinking that stick of butter ought to be in that cake. I prepared myself for the worst.

The cake actually tasted good. Dry, but good. I'm very proud of Sadie for doing it all herself. Maybe next year, she'll learn how to clean up after making a cake!

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Pamela said...

You crack me up...what a fish tale!