Friday, August 03, 2007

My week in pics

This week has been one of "those" weeks. It started out with a Urinary Tract Infection. (TMI? Sorry but in an effort of full disclosure, I wanted you to know what you were dealing with.) I finally went to the "Care Now" clinic on Sunday and they gave me anti-biotics which finally kicked in sometime during the night Sunday as the workers tried to restore our power.

Yep, that's right. What sounded like a transformer blew somewhere in our neighborhood and so the electricity was out from about 4pm until maybe 1am or later. I just remember when it came back on being very grateful that it wasn't a typical end of July day and that we didn't have to go get a hotel room just to survive. As it was, it was a cooler July day than normal and we'd even had some rain, which is when the transformer blew. We managed and survived.

The next day, (after being under the weather for about 5 days - trying to treat the UTI on my own which worked - kinda- but not in the end - so you know what my house looked like) Wendy and the kids came - Auntie B. and Uncle Howard brought them but basically just slowed down and shoved them out the door. So quickly did they drive through that my camera couldn't even capture their image.

Wendy and the kids were on their way back to Colorado Springs. You know, the place Mumsey broke her leg better than anyone the doctor had ever seen? They were finally going home after being here several weeks. Wendy, Conrad and all the kids went swimming on Monday night. I stayed in bed after doing too much on Monday during the day to prepare for their arrival. It hit me like a ton of bricks about 20 minutes before they left for the pool. A wave of nausea, exhaustion, and pain in my you-know-where and there it was. I was no longer "super woman" able to conquer infections in a single bound. Able to straighten up the house with no repercussions. I am human. Translated: I am getting old.

Well, I do have a birthday coming up so it is expected that I would take an evaluation. I just wasn't planning on doing it that day or in such an exhausted manner and with such wet eyes.

OK, on to the pictures.
This is all the girl cousins at the airport.
Ashlea, Alysse and Austin.

The day after we took the Armstrongs to the airport. I was feeling WAY better and it was time to start looking for paint for the girls rooms. We're switching room assignments. Sadie will now have her own room and Mads and Anna will be sharing. And, of course, paint has to be applied because if you're going to be changing, change everything.

So, after traveling all over to find the best deal on paint - going to both Habitat for Humanity stores and finding none - we settled on Wal-Mart. It goes to prove the saying my Daddy was always spouting "If you can't find it at Wal-Mart, you don't need it". Anyway, after all the traveling for paint and after all the discussion about paint colors - two days of this - oddly, both rooms will be the same color "cloudless sky" but will have different borders at the top. Mads and Anna will have a "Pirates of the Caribean" border and Sadie will have "SpongeBob Square Pants".

Mads and Anna's room has begun the transformation.



And if you can't really tell what color "cloudless sky" is, here, look at this, it might help.

Oh, I had it everywhere - on me. Sadie had barely pried the lid open on the can - not even all the way off yet - when Anna stuck her hand in it. I nearly popped a blood vessel. I'm sure my vocal chords are damaged from the yelling I did. I called Conrad and told him that the next time I decide to paint during the week, during the day, I wanted him to say these words to me "what are you going to do with Anna". That should stop me in my tracks.

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