Wednesday, December 05, 2007

finally the videos

These are the videos I tried to put on here yesterday. They finally behaved and pasted themselves on here. The one on the top is the song Madeline (and her Smart Elf friends) sing and then the one on the bottom is Mads introducing herself.

As a little backstory to the introduction...When she would practice at home she would say her name and what she does for Santa. She has become enamored with jelly beans so I told her she should say (half-joking) that she paints the jelly beans for Santa. Well, it's morphed into she picks the jelly beans.

And, here's a link to a video I was invited to view today. It's amazing what this guy can do, that he is an actual guy singing this song. Amazing and weird all at the same time. Click here to view it.

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