Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas, 2007!

Merry Christmas, Everyone! This is what our living room looked like before the tornado went through. We had our traditional reading of the story of the birth of Jesus, then checked out our stockings then, the package opening started in earnest.
This was the girls trying not to check out the stockings before we read the bible. Oh, it's so hard to wait!

After reading and presents, we went to church, well, some of us decided to be heathens and stayed home. I won't mention any names...Jon and Aaron. They felt like going to church two days in a row was quite enough for them. Well, Ok, I'll give them that.
Then is was our non-traditional Christmas dinner. Lasagna, garlic/cheese toast, salad, it was delicious, and served in a timely fashion. That's only funny because last night, it took hours for the rice to cook for our red beans and rice and we were chewing off our arms in hunger.

Anna with her new baby who has a bottle with milk in it that looks like it disappears and makes sounds when you turn it upside down. (Thank you, Michele!)
She also got 4 binkies from her brother. Probably the most loved and appreciated gift given (by both Anna and her parents).

This is me when I was asked where Jon and Aaron's gifts from my Mom were. Oops! I forgot to put them out. Yikes~!
OK, you'll have to turn your head for this one, unless you're drunk or asleep on your computer desk. This is Anna at Christmas pagent practice, feeling very comfortable being up on the part that we don't call a stage. She actually got up there and did her part on Christmas Eve and I will try to get that on here tomorrow.

But, now, I'm tired and want to go to bed.

I hope you all had a great Christmas and you were surrounded by loved ones and happy times. May God bless you all!

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