Wednesday, December 26, 2007

The second day of Christmas

An always-generous Madeline let Anna use a pair of her socks this morning. They looked cute in their matching Christmas socks. In case you can't see it, they have frogs on them.

Today was day two of Christmas for us. My sister (the one who is ABD - which for those who are graduate degree illiterate - I include myself in that category - is All But Dissertation, which means she is VERY close to having her Doctorate in Literature) and her already a Dr. of Political Science husband, Greg - whom I call Gregela - came to visit and we had a great time!

Here is Gregela making Madeline's request for our "official" Christmas dinner, dirty rice. We saw Paula Dean making it on a show and Madeline said she wanted it. I told her she'd have to ask her "Parrain" who is the only person I know who makes it. Of course, he said "yes". How could one say "no" to Madeline? For the record, I tried to help by making the rice so it would be ready for him when he got here, making it faster but ended up not only burning the rice but ruining my big pot/pan in the process.
This is Gussie! The cats are not happy that Gussie is here. Gussie is getting on up there in years and she doesn't need to be out in the cold so she came to Auntie Lisa's house to join in the festivities.

This is Tylar and Jon checking out my new Iphone. Oh yeah, it's totally cool.
For Anna, this was a two-binkie day. If you enlarge the picture, you can see she has one in her mouth and one at-the-ready in her left hand.
Sadie in her new head gear.
Madeline in hers along with her new boa, posing with "Parrain".

Pamela with a new toy she got in her stocking, not able to figure it out.

Ahhh, success.

I hope your Christmas season is still in full swing as ours is. We'll have the Wangler Christmas on the 30th this year, stay tuned for pictures from that!

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