Wednesday, December 05, 2007

The honored laid to rest

Today, we buried Aunt Betty and Uncle Ernie. This is the Army soldier who gave the flag to Peggy. The uniformed person behind him is the Navy person who also gave a flag to Peggy. They did everything twice, unfolding and folding the flag, playing taps, presenting the flag. It was very moving.
Then we moved on to the graveside, where Peggy placed both urns of cremains. Madeline added her touch by adding a soldier rubber duck. We gave those to the Veterans who came to the school on "Take a Veteran to school day". She thought they deserved one, too.
This is George's (Conrad's dad) grave marker. He's right across the street from Betty and Ernie. How's that for coincidence?
A view of the cemetery with the flag at half-mast. It really is a beautiful place. Peaceful, even.
This is where Betty and Ernie are buried. It was an absolutely georgeous day. Very appropriate that it was also "Pearl Harbor Day". They both served during WWII.

Celebrating lives well lived.
All the cousins.
Paul and Anita's girls. Since neither of them read the blog, I will tell you I plan to have this picture printed and give it to them for Christmas.
Rachel took this picture of Anna and I in a tender moment.
I guess it was all too much for Hannah. Doesn't she look peaceful?
All in all, it was a very fitting day to say our final goodbyes to Aunt Betty and Uncle Ernie. Georgeous, family gathered, yummy food, love, laughter and full of memories of two lives well lived.
Thank you, Aunt Betty and Uncle Ernie for your service to your country and your love of your family. We will never forget you.

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Anonymous said...

Very well done, Lisa. Thank you for this tribute to both Ernie and Betty, and to those who love them. Dana