Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Various Christmas activities

So this blog is a little late in coming. Sorry all you curious people, just been a bit busy around here lately. So here's a bit of what's been going on.

On Friday night, we put up the Christmas tree. Jon and Tylar came over and ate with us then helped us decorate our lovely tree. Here's the before picture...

Here's Jon with the beloved "New Orleans Saints" ornament. He got the honor of hanging it this year.

And here's the after picture of the tree...

Yeah, I know, we don't have a top for our tree. I've never found one that reached out and grabbed me. I will one day.

Now imagine it with a large portion of the front missing a bunch of ornaments. Say about the height of one 2 year old who lives in our house and doesn't know how to keep her hands off of things.

On Tuesday morning, Anna's school had their Christmas party. This is Anna in Santa's lap.

She does NOT like Santa or anything else dressed up in a costume.

Then Anna and I joined Sadie and Madeline up at their school for their "Holiday" parties. And because Anna is usually the "picture girl" on this blog, I decided to use a picture of Mads this time, instead. I took this one after the parties on the playground.

And, guess who just got her final quiz grade in and made a 100? Yep, that's me. A far cry from the 34% I made on the quiz before that. But, in my defense, it was about a 4 line dictation and one comma wrong and you fail. The lady at the school said NOONE passes that quiz. Final, here I come! I'll let you know when I pass.

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