Saturday, February 09, 2008

Father/Daughter dance

Last night, the ACA PTO put on a Father/Daughter dance. The response was so overwhelming, everyone wouldn't fit in our cafetorium. We ended up having, probably, 180 people there. That's an unofficial number but the R.S.V.P.s would indicate that many.

We ended up calling my friend Michelle Calvert at Celebrations (2220 W. Park Row in Arlington - in case you ever need a facility). Her place just happened to be unbooked so we rented the place. Thank you, Michelle!

We created, what I consider, a beautiful, sweet room, complete with balloons, confetti, cookies and punch. Here's what it looked like from where I was (I played DJ for the evening).
The punch (pink lemonade) flowed from a beautiful fountain provided by one of Conrad's cousins who just happened to e-mail me about a week ago asking if I could use one. I, at the time, couldn't fathom a reason until the dance popped into my head and I e-mailed her back and said "yes". Isn't it pretty? What you can't tell from the picture is that it also changes colors.

Conrad dancing with Sadie.
Madeline chose to ask her Uncle Paul (also her Godfather) to escort her. Here they are dancing.
And, here they are doing the "Chicken Dance".
The "admission fee" for the dance was a personal care item to be donated to the Arlington Women's Shelter. Here are the donations. ACA ROCKS! What generous people we have.

In other exciting news, Anna is trying out "big girl panties". It's going on 4 days now. She's got a long way to go but she's getting there. Oh the day when I am finished with diapers is actually in sight! Praise the Lord! Seriously.

Oh, and for the first time EVER, in 3 1/2 years at ACA, Sadie has finally made it to the "Wall of Honor". That's where kids who do well in academics, citizenship or specials (art, music, spanish) are honored. She finally made it in Citizenship. I'm so proud.

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KrazyAMH said...

Hey Lisa, Its Aaron, I read the apple store post and it was great, I like to ride the train but only on occasions because it is very slow. If you want, I can take you to the apple store in southlake one day, it is closer, i might be able to fix your issue myself though. I liked the fountain, yall did a great job with the room. I love how long and interesting your posts are as well. Have a great day. KRAZYAMH