Sunday, February 24, 2008

It's Oscar, Oscar!

OK, first, I'm sorry I haven't posted in a while. It's been a sicky, crazy time here.

Last weekend, the girls both came to me on Sunday and said their stomach was hurting, about an hour apart. I told both of them "I guess I'll just have to keep you home tomorrow". Sadie looked at me and said "we don't have school tomorrow". I said "I know, that's why you can stay home". Madeline just looked at me like I was crazy then said "I don't think we have school tomorrow". I said "I know, it's a joke". She said "real funny, Mom". I thought it was.

So, then the puking ensued. Then Conrad came down with something like it on Tuesday, stayed home on Wednesday and slept all day. Then Friday I ran out of gas (not literally, like in a car, but physically) and nearly fell asleep on the couch. I finally moved to the bed and didn't get out until last night.

I even missed them putting the final piece on the stadium arches. No TV vindication for me. I heard the helicopters about 5:30 or so and when Conrad came in I asked him about it but he didn't think it had happened, but I knew. Then today, I asked someone else (Sallie!) and she didn't think so either, but I knew. Sure enough we went by there today and it's there. I'll take a picture tomorrow, but I am SO disappointed that I didn't get interviewed on TV again, looking ravishing - as only I can - and redeem myself from the last time. Oh well. Some other milestone.

And, just in time for Oscar night, the writers unstrike. I don't know that that's a word but I used it, so there. I am so excited about Oscar night. And frankly, this year, it's not the movies, it's the red carpet. I didn't see many movies that weren't animated this year so the chance that I would have seen any of the winners in their role are slim.

As a side note, I thbink my "b" is sticking to my "hb" because I hbaven't corrected thbis line and as you can see, every time I type thbe letter "hb" thbe "b" shbowes up also. Crazy, frustrating.

ANYWHBO...I will be watching my red carpet while cleaning my room. Since being in bed for 2 days, lazing about doesn't thrill me so I'll clean while I take part in my fanatic night.

Anna is doing great in her potty training. She'll opt for a diaper every now and then but you can tell she doesn't like it and she goes potty anyway so really, what's the point?

OK, well, that's all the Wangler news that's fit to print so I'll go enjoy my Red Carpet shows now.

Hope all your favorites win!

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