Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Happy Mardis Gras!

Can you believe Ash Wednesday is tomorrow? Wow, what a quick Easter we will have this year.

Anna made this mask at school and these are her beads. The teachers wouldn't tell me what she did to get them....

Yesterday, was Kelsey's birthday. Sweet 16. This is her driving off with no parent in the car for the first time. What a milestone. Conrad reminded me she was 5 or 6 when we first moved in across the street (we lived there before we moved here). We have really watched her grow into a really neat teenager. God be with you on your new adventure (driving!) - and with your parents.

Today is a dark day for Madeline. She was supposed to get all her homework done by Sunday night so she could go see the Hannah Montana 3-D movie tonight. Well, it didn't all get done. One thing was not done and I think I even let her have until yesterday evening to do it. So, she doesn't get to go. It's killing me not to let her go, but she will not learn that I mean business if I let her go. Call me mean, call me cruel, call me whatever but I feel this is a HUGE moment for her (and me) so the rule stands. I can feel her heart breaking even as I write this. I think she's in there trying frantically to get it finished. Too bad for her.

Well, y'all have a happy Mardis Gras and don't go showin' nothing to get any beads!

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