Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Finally, a real "post" again!

We did the Griffin Buck Truck today. One of the perks of doing the truck run, is that I get to see my children and they get to see me in the halls of the school. I never know when I will be acosted from the back with a hug (and sometimes, it's not even my child who honors me with a hug).

This morning, Sadie came out of her classroom, while I was nearby, to use the restroom. I did not pay attention to what she was wearing this morning (that's what a good mother does, you know) and when I looked at her, I noticed something odd. See if you spot it.
She has on uniform shorts on under (and hanging out from under) her uniform jumper, giving the illusion of some odd sort. And just so you see what I mean....
The white is her white uniform shirt between the jumper and the shorts. Yes, I pulled my daughter's jumper up in the halls of ACA so I could take a picture. That's what a good mother does, you know. Yet another reason I love my Iphone.
Then, I saw Madeline's class going in for their class picture in the library. That's Mads on the front right.

And, to answer that question tickling the back of your brain, yes, Sadie took her class picture today, also, and I'm sure she was on the front row, too. Converse sneakers, uniform jumper and shorts and all.

Then, I had to take a picture of Mrs. Coffed and her grandbaby. It reminded me of all the times I took my children up to my Mom's school and everyone oohed and aahed over them.

And, may I just say I love my Anna? (And you'll be very happy I didn't snap a pic of this.) I was reading up on my friend Elaine's blog see it here and Anna says, "wipe, eww". Which in Annaspeak means, "I just went poo-poo and I need to be wiped". Of course, my first thought is "oh crap - literally- where did she do it"? But, she led me down the hall to where her potty is and sure enough there it was right smack in the potty! Oh the joy and elation I felt! Hip, hip, hooray for Anna!

So, enjoy the newest update. And go see Elaine's blog, she's giving something away - you'll have to go down a few posts to find where to enter for it, but hey, you may win it!

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