Saturday, June 20, 2009

Here's the next day (day three, I think?) This day, we went to Fiesta Texas. Here's Sadie and Mads with Sylvester and Bugs.
Anna loved the fact that Fiesta Texas has "Wiggles World". We sat through the show and I have such sympathy for those charachters in the costumes and the ones not in the big costumes. Sweat pouring out of them like a water fall.

We went on the Roaring Rapids equivilent down there and right before we went on, they inspected all the tubes shutting the ride down for probably 1/2 an hour. This totally deflated Sadie and Madeline as you can tell from the picture.

After Fiesta Texas, we went down to the Riverwalk and ducked into a place that looked like it might have good food. Turns out it was a bar also and they had karaoke, to boot. Sadie's drinking root beer out of a bottle. (I promise, it's root beer.)

Madeline got up the nerve to karaoke Taylor Swift's "Teardrops On My Guitar" and got the biggest round of applause. We have now taken our girls to their first bar and watched, with pride, Madeline's first karaoke. If that ain't redneck, I don't know what is.

Then we took the riverboat cruise along the river. Here they are actually looking like they're getting along.

Anna, not long for this world in this picture, was quite content to sit on the non-river side of the boat, thank you very much. She didn't last the whole tour... you can see.

Ok, the differences between SeaWorld and Six Flags (be it over Texas or Fiesta). One, SeaWorld is so spread out, we didn't even see everything. Six Flags is more compact. We did everything we wanted at Six Flags, including the water park. We didn't even see the water park at SeaWorld.
Two, SeaWorld is less expensive on alot of things. you can rent a locker to put your stuff in for 50 cents, at Six Flags, it's two dollars, I think and that's just to put your stuff in for the duration of a ride. All day lockers are $15. We have a season pass for SeaWorld for the price of a one day ticket. The season pass for Six Flags will pay for itself in about 2 1/2 visits, nice when you live next door or go to places with other Six Flags as we do/have.
Three, Six Flags has misters at every turn, at all the lines for rides, at the games, everywhere. If you get over heated, it's really your fault. SeaWorld is HOT. HOT. HOT. There was NO relief. Although a bottle of water is only $2.50 or so, still, put up some misters already!
Four, Anna couldn't ride ANYTHING (except the kiddie rides) at SeaWorld. We slipped her onto Journey to Atlantis (shhh, don't tell) and she loved it. She couldn't even ride the Shamu roller coaster which is built for little 'uns. Come on! She is fearless. She loves coasters and rides everything she can at Six Flags and loves every minute of it.
OK, there's my comparison of SeaWorld and Six Flags. I'm not sure who wins. Well, yeah I do...Six Flags. Not to say we won't go back to SW, but this time we know what to expect.
Tune in tomorrow for more tales of the WanglerWorld vacation!

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