Thursday, June 18, 2009

Vacation post # 2

Our first full day in San Antonio, we went down to the Alamo. Actually, this was a request made by Madeline. She really wanted to see it. She's a big history buff and I couldn't be prouder.

So here's the Alamo. And, oddly enough, we could tell something was about to go on or had just gone on and lo and behold, who did we see?

Our esteemed Governor Perry. He was signing in a bill that, coincidentally, may come into play in our lives sooner rather than later. It was an imminent domain bill that we're not sure what they ended up making the bill say but, since "we" (a real estate firm) are marketing our neighborhood to, hopefully, take advantage of the locale it could play a part. We're hoping that it doesn't come to that (no matter what the bill says). We want someone (or company) to come in with buckets of money and throw them at us. But, I digress...on to the rest of the second day...

Here are some pictures from SeaWorld. A place that was hot and spread out so far and wide it was hard to do it all. Conrad and I were also not feeling very well so the heat did nothing for us. We got the season passes (same price as the one day pass, don't understand that but we took advantage of it) so we can go anytime we want, should we desire. Or if anyone is going down there and wants to take our kids, feel free!

Dinner anyone? Biggest lobster I've ever seen.

Mads and Sadie got to feed the dolphins and Mads actually got to touch one.

Our girls, actually getting along!

Madeline and Anna riding something at SeaWorld.

And, below, Mads with one of the pirates after the pirate show. (No, not the one we got to participate in - more on that in a later post.)

Then onto Shamu!!!! Yep, we sat in the splash zone and got wet. I don't know if you can see the whale jumping out of the water in the pic on the right but it is. Amazing!

And below is a whale showing off for us.

A great time was had by all at SeaWorld. More fun for some than others, due to various "not feeling goods" but we persevered. Tomorrow, I'll tell you the differences between SeaWorld and Fiesta Texas (aside from the obvious differences in themes).


Anonymous said...

Have a safe, fun-filled trip!!! Great pictures and bi-lines, Lisa :) Love you all! Dana

awwood2 said...

Love your pictures, Lisa! And tell Madeline I'm jealous that she got to pet a dolphin. I love dolphins.