Tuesday, June 09, 2009


Today's post comes on the heels of a Ranger loss. I know this because we went to the game...childless!!!! When we first got there, we got to hear both the Canadian and American National Anthems. (Hey, the Canadian National Anthem is a good one!) Then we saw Kelsey's boyfriend, Shane, selling peanuts. We were sitting in the seats in front of our seats and the people came in to claim their seats (where we were) and we knew one of them, our former neighbor Clark. Then after talking to him awhile, I turn around and the guy behind me looks familiar and I said that to him and he says to me "well, I'm an attorney". Now, I don't know if I look like someone who uses an attorney often or what but I did actually know him, his kids go to ACA. I look down and there is one of the PTO people I served with last year. Then, I see another neighbor who sells cotton Candy, Eugene, and talk to him and then another PTOer texts me and says she saw me coming in and asked where we were sitting. Now, I realize I've lived in Arlington almost longer than I've lived anywhere else but this was weird. I don't think I've ever seen that many people I know in that short a span all in one place.

This post is actually about Sadie and Madeline's recital. I may post another one about it tomorrow night because it takes so darn long for videos to load and I'm tired and ready for bed. Sorry. The picture of Sadie with her lips kissy-fied is her and Madeline not wanting to get their picture made. Then the other one is of them before they started their jazz dance. The video is part of their jazz dance.

Tomorrow night will be the ballet.

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awwood2 said...

Cute jazz dance! Can't wait for the ballet. I always wanted to be a ballerina--but I took piano instead.