Monday, June 22, 2009

Vacation post #3

After San Antonio, we went to South Padre Island. My first visit to the island and, hopefully, not my last. I loved it there. A nice cool breeze was always blowing. Although, I do have to say, even though the sand is a part of the island and it wouldn't be SPI without it, I really got tired of it. You cannot walk from the surf to the car without tons of it getting into your shoes, very tiresome. However, we persevered. Here is the bridge going over to the island.

Various shots of the family at the beach.
Anna found the first seashells. I'd be surprised if there were any left from the amount that we brought back with us.

I'm not sure why Mads was so upset except it had something to do with those goggles but I love this picture of her.

This is actually a combination of our two days at SPI. I'll download the pictures from the camera and our pirate adventure for my next post.

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