Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Vacation post #1

Hello Everyone from beautiful South Padre Island, Texas. We're here on a family vacation after a stop in San Antonio. So, I'll start with SA. We left from Mom's house (after a high school reunion which I'll have to post pics from next time) in Shreveport, LA to go to San Antonio. It's a heck of a lot further from Mom's than our house, but we made it.

Here we are at our first official vacation stop...Sonic. I, unfortunately, stopped up the toilet there, keeping any of the rest of us from using it. We had to go next door to McDonalds for any subsequent calls from nature.

OK, truth be told, I don't think the person who flushes actually stops up the toilet, I think the person before does it, the next person just reaps the "rewards" of said stoppage. Embarrassing? Yes. Let's just say we won't be visiting that particular Sonic again.

I got on to get our hotel in San Antonio. $55 for a 3 star hotel. Not bad, huh? Well, let me tell you for that $55 a night, we got the LOUDEST, no internetest, least amount of TV channels you could get in San Antonio. It's saving grace?...sleep number beds. I have fallen in love with them. I think I'm about a 55 on the ol' sleep number.
The girls liked the pool and the hot tub. We didn't like the restaurant, the internet (or lack thereof) or the loudness of the air or bathroom fan. It was an OK hotel, just not what I expected from 3 stars.
We're in a Super 8 tonight, paying more per night but the air isn't loud, I have internet and the girls have Animal Planet. Does life get any better?
We'll be beaching it all day so if I'm still alive tomorrow night, I'll post more pics of our first full day in San Antonio.

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